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EBYAN SOAP IS A natural soap with 100% natural ingredients and good for your skin. Our goal has always been to offer high Quality Value priced Natural soap made with only the finest ingredients.

Ebyan natural soap won’t disappoint you, no matter your skin type or personal preferences. We are dedicated to helping you discover the joy of happy and healthy skin just the way you like it. We handcraft each batch of our soap from scratch using gourmet recipes that have been formulated to naturally nourish and moisturize your skin.

Ebyan natural soap are created using natural colorants.


The glycerin isn’t added to our soap recipes it is created during the soap making process.
Our soap retains all of its natural glycerin glory and produces a rich and luxurious lather.


Our natural soap is made with natural ingredients

  • It is skin moisturizing
  • Maintains healthy skin
  • Produces rich lather
  • It is good for acne
  • Clarifies the skin
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps reduce dark spots
  • Has Long lasting freshness
Benefits of Lemon Soap

Rejuvenates and revives the skin tone
Long-lasting freshness
Refreshes your skin
Its best for rid excess oil on skin
Drys pinpoles first and heals

Benefits of Aloevera Soap

Reduces inflammation
Very good for acne
Clarify the skin
It is gentle and soothing
It works well for dry skin

Benefits of Papaya Soap

Reduces irregular pigmentation
It contains Vitamin A
Important nutrients for your skin
Reduces dark spots, blemishes and scars
Moisturizes your skin

Benefits of Honey Soap

Nourishes your skin
Softens and smoothens your skin
It fights Breakouts
It hydrates the skin
Helps skin retain moisture

Benefits of the Black-Seed Soap

Helps cleansing and clarifying the skin
Moisturizes your skin
Good for acne
Refreshes your skin
Smoothens the skin

Benefits of a Cucumber Soap

Revitalizes the skin
Helps clear blemishing
Helps control oil and acne
Rejuvenates the skin
Provides refreshing feeling after bath

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